Kuo Chie Enterprise Co., Ltd. established at Xinzhuang (Taipei County) in 1977 and produced copper slice electrical switch for Christmas tree light. Moved to Pate (Taoyuan County) in 1983 and renamed Kuo Chie Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. Kuo Chie transferred the production to AC copper plates, terminals, socket leaf spring, electrical machinery components in 1985 and all the products approved by UL in 1995. And in 2001 established Dongguan Smart Metal Plating Co., Ltd., and also established NanJing KuoChang Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. to provide the products directly to the customers in China.

Through our strong manufacturing capability we earned outstanding reputation for providing products with excellent quality and reliability. The combination of innovation, quality assurance, manufacturing skills and friendly client service has resulted in the continuous expansion of Kuo Chie. With our expertise, passion and focus, we pride ourselves in being able to provide high quality terminals at affordable prices to our customers.

Operating Concept

In this competitive but diversified era, we are still developing new products and also offer full range OEM/ODM services, including design, production, packaging, inspection and delivery. We work closely with all customers to ensure that the finished product matches their exact expectations. Each R&D member has their own unique specialties and knowledge in various sectors including computer technology, design and market analysis. The team balances each other's talents and work towards a common goal to provide better design and consulting solutions. Our R&D team is able to integrate function with durability and push your product standards to the next level.

Quality Policy

Full participation, Continuous improvement, Reliable quality, Customer satisfaction.